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If Nigeria does not kill APC, APC will kill Nigeria

STOP4: PDP MTPT 2018; Fugar, Estako Central local government area.

“If Nigeria does not kill APC, APC will kill Nigeria”

As Chief Blessing Agbomhere dropped the witchy broom of APC for the soothing comfort of the PDP Umbrella, he decried the sorry state of the economy, the terrible state of security and the miserable state of the populace. This follows the PDP Chairman’s earlier admonition and criticism of the deceptive APC “change” that has ‘changed’ Nigerians back to the state of nature, described by Hobbs as “brutish and short”.
In continuation of its MTPT 2018, PDP today in Fugar, Estako Central Local government area, received Chief Blessing Agbomhere, a deputy director in Buhari Media Organization in the run up to 2015 General Elections and a frontline gubernatorial aspirant in the APC in the 2016 general elections.
In his home coming speech, he bemoaned the APC promise and fail strategy saying that “…they promised change, but changed the promise as soon as they were elected. They promised restructuring before elections, but restructured the promise as soon as they were sworn in”. He declared that APC cannot be trusted and that Nigerians must join PDP, come together as one, because, “If Nigeria does not kill APC, APC will kill Nigeria!”
The tour continues!
Edo people want to know Governor Obaseki’s position on the cattle colony, herdsmen and Fulani militia brouhaha!
It’s a simple we don’t have land for lcattle colony as proposed by APC federal government or Yes, we do!
Infantile and irresponsible responses from those who draw their salaries from our taxes is a no no.
Next stop Owan East and Owan West.
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