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Edo State Govt. serves demolition notice, charges developers to comply with Town Planning Laws

Edo Govt. serves demolition notice, charges developers to comply with Town Planning Laws

Officials of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, marking a building which contravened Edo state’s laws on urban development, in Benin City, the state capital. The building is being marked for demolition after final notice was issued to the developer.

The Edo State Government has served final demolition notices to developers whose buildings breached the state town planning laws.

The affected buildings are sited on Airport Road, Stadium Road, Aideyan Street, Upper Adesuwa, and Ugbor and Ekae areas of Benin City. 

Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Hon. Edorodion Oye Erimona, who issued the notices in different parts of Benin City, the Edo State capital, said the exercise serves as a final reminder to those whose properties contravened the state’s laws on urban development.

According to him, “If the developers fail to remove the properties within seven days as contained in the notices, the government will be left with no option than to demolish them. The developers will incur the cost of the demolition. We will be back in two to three weeks to demolish the properties ourselves if owners fail to do so themselves.”

Erimona said that the exercise was necessary to ensure that the original plan of the city is maintained to ensure safety, health and convenience for residents as some developers have their properties sited on roads, and on the right of way of high tension cables.

He said, “The state government will continue to engage developers whose properties flout the state’s town planning laws, through notices on contravention, stop work and demolition.”

Erimona frowned at the antics of developers, who build structures without regard for appropriate laws, adding, “We expect that this exercise will serve as a deterrent to developers. We want them to embrace the right attitude to issues pertaining to town planning.”

He said that the exercise will continue and will extend to other parts of the state.

“Developers who intend to develop their properties are encouraged to approach the Ministry with their building plan proposals. The ministry now approves proposals for building between three weeks and three months, provided it is in line with the laid down requirements,” he said. 

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