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Business Opportunities for Investors in Nigeria

Are you looking for business areas that need investment in Nigeria or a you just want to know some online investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can invest on? Then you have come to the right place for the best and trusted information. In this articles I highlight the best and top 5 Business Opportunities for Investors in Nigeria . 5 Business Opportunities for Investors in Nigeria  includes:

1.Real Estate Development opportunities in Lagos,Nigeria

Investing in real estate development in Nigeria is less risky than any other form of investment you can imagine. It generates constant positive cash flow and uses leverage to multiply asset value. The rent generally secures the assets and generates regular flow of income often significantly higher than the typical stock dividend yields. Lagos is Nigeria’s populous city and so there and also ranks very well in Africa. You are thus also assured of getting a decent return from your capital investment. Real estate is also one of the best business to grow faster, know more about inspect real estate, if you are a beginner join a company to know how the business system work and start your own.

2. Fish Farming

Fish farming is another area that is often overlooked by investors wanting to invest in Nigeria. The capital investment is often very low and it does not require more  resources to maintain the business. People are more likely to buy food than any other thing so investing in  food business is often very promising . Investment in fish farming in Lagos State, Nigeria could  also yield a decent return because Nigerian government is discouraging the importation of frozen foods.

3.Stock Exchange

The advent of internet now means you can now literally trade in any stock market worldwide. You are no longer restricted to only trading in Nigeria. If you are interested in trading in Nigeria only, you will be happy to know that many of the companies listed on the Nigerian stock exchange market are successful companies who seek investment from various people in order to be stronger and to have resources to win competition in their various industries. Acquiring shares in a company makes you a partner to the owners of such companies.


4. Snail Farming

Snail farming is one of the most lucrative businesses you can think of, and this area of business is often avoided by many investors wanting to invest in Nigeria. Part of the reason is because of lack of understanding of the business and also the market base to sell the produce. Although, it has to be said it’s been getting better lately. Snake farming has gotten a bit of better PR and more public interest. Snake farming communities have grown quite a following on the social media, partly due to their deliberate effort and them buying some followers from pistachioconsulting.com to get get the initial traction.
Snail farming requires very small capital to start the business and the return can very high if properly managed. The snails eat things you can source locally and you do not require large space of land to start the business. Security is paramount in this business area because you want to ensure people don’t steal the snails. You can read more about snail farming from one of  our detailed article on how to start a  snail farming business in Nigeria.


This business area might require  high capital investment but the returns will pay  the bills later. Healthcare system in Nigeria is not at its best and  private clinic hospitals will help alleviate the problems. The problem with this type of business is that because of the present situation of the country  people might not be able to pay the bills

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