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EdoStateNews.com is an independent online news and information delivery website for Edo State. The website intends to cater to Edo State web-savvy youth who would want to have an opinion on all that’s important in Edo State.EdoStateNews.com   believes in quality content, devoid of factual errors. We have experienced writers and editors reporting round the clock on all  matters within Edo State and around Nigeria that are important and news worthy.

  • Mary Osaze

    Mary Osaze is a highly acclaimed talent in picture books. She graduated from the University of Benin in 2009 and has since been working in the media industry. Although she lives in the UK in reality, in her mind she lives very close to her fatherland,Edo State Nigeria. Mary can be reached at mary@edostatenews.com
  • Sero Kehinde

    Kehinde is a media consultant based in Benin City. She has authored and published countless articles towards promoting democracy in Nigeria. She loves writing, dancing and swimming. Kehinde can be reached at mailer@edostatenews.com
  • Frank Momoh

    Frank is a writer and a commentator. He can be easily reached at visit@visitnigeria.com.ng
  • Smart ojo

    Smart is a writer and an author who wish to share some valuable information with visitors and others with interest in Edo State ,Nigeria.You can contact smart at admin@edostatenews.com
  • Tony Obazee

    Tony Obazee is a prolific freelance journalist and broadcaster, and has worked for several news magazine. He currently lives in Benin City,Edo State and he can be reached at tony@edostatenews.com

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