Oslo explosion: live coverage

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QuoteOur answer is some-more democracy, some-more honesty to uncover that we will not be
stopped by this kind of violence. At a same time we shouldn’t be naive, we
should know that assault can conflict a multitude – we’ve seen that

21.46 The Justice Minister combined that 7 people were killed in the
bombings and 10 severely injured. He pronounced “several” youths were
killed in a sharpened and several some-more were missing. He urged to people to
stay out of down city Oslo and to equivocate regulating their mobiles.

21.45 The Justice Minister has usually pronounced a shooter during a stay is a

21.39 Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg says Norway will “never
stop hire adult for a values”

QuoteI have a summary to a chairman who pounded us and a people who are
behind it: You’re not going to destroy us. You’re not destroying our
democracy and a work for a improved world. We’re a tiny republic nonetheless a very
unapproachable country. No one can explosve us to be quiet. No one can glow us to be
still no one can ever startle us from being Norway.”

21.34 We’re awaiting a live news discussion from a Norwegian prime
apportion in a subsequent half hour or so and will move that we as shortly as we
get it.

21.24 Some footage of a scale of a drop in Oslo

21.19 BBC is quoting Acting Police Chief Sveinung Sponheim in
Oslo as observant that a shooter was speckled in Oslo before to a explosions.

20.59 AP is now stating that Oslo military contend 9 or 10 people were
killed during a girl camp.

20.50 Jonas Gahr Store, a country’s unfamiliar minister, is on BBC News.
He says a immature people on a island were 15-20 years aged and are the
country’s “finest”.

QuoteNorway is currently traffic with a double conflict on a democracy, its
supervision buildings and a excellent youth. There’s no some-more critical task
than for us to reserve these values and honour a immature people.”

He says that he has been told a island shooter was Nordic and says that
a supervision will continue to duty notwithstanding a complicated repairs to its
executive buildings in a capital.

20.47 Associated Press reports that military are observant there competence have
been some-more than one explosve endangered in a Oslo explosion.

20.46 Oslo’s mayor Fabian Stang pronounced that a collateral was
struggling to come to terms with a thought that it had assimilated a list of
cities targeted by bombers.

“Today we consider about those people vital in New York and London who have
gifted this kind of thing,” he told Sky News.

“Living nonetheless any sympthy for other people, for me, it’s unfit to

“I do not consider it is probable for us to know what has happened
currently nonetheless hopefully we will be means to go on and that tomorrow Oslo will be
a pacific city again.”

20.39 Police are now confirming that during slightest 9 people have been
killed in a island shooting

20.34 Full matter from a Prime Minister:

OpinionI was angry to hear about a blast in Oslo and conflict in Utoya
currently that have killed and harmed trusting people.

“My thoughts are with a bleeding and those who have mislaid friends and
family, and we know everybody in Britain will feel a same.

“These attacks are a perfect sign of a hazard we all face from

“I have called Prime Minister Stoltenberg this dusk to demonstrate my
frank condolences and to let him know that a thoughts are with the
Norwegian people during this comfortless time. we have offering Britain’s help,
including by a tighten comprehension cooperation. We will work with
Norway to hunt a murderers who did this and forestall any some-more innocent

“We can overcome this evil, and we will.”

20.31 David Cameron has said: “We will work with Norway to
hunt a murderers who did this.”

We’ll move a full matter when we get it.

20.22 Marcus Oscarsson emails that Sweden has lifted the
confidence around a Government Offices in Stockholm and other pivotal buildings
in a Swedish capital. The Norwegian PM Mr Stolenberg stressed in Norwegian
State TV recently that it is not famous who is behind a attacks. Norway is
fervent to prove out that it is probable that it is not Islamists.

20.21 Still some difficulty as to either a explosve in Oslo was inside a
automobile or inside a building.

20.19 Rune Thomas-Ege, a publisher for VG Nett, Tweets
that ambulances are on a docks tighten to a lake surrounding Utoya.
Paramedics are still operative to save lives and yield injured.

Making a approach along a lake. AF helis over Utøya. Ambulances still creation their approach in. None in conflicting instruction #osloexplless than a notation ago around Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

20.01 Nicolas Sarkozy has now assimilated in a general indignation
over a bombing, describing a events in Oslo as an “odious and
unsuitable act”.

20.00 @ketilbstensrud
claims military have non-stop th highway heading to Utoya for relatives. Norwegian
authorities have also asked for anyone with blood form 0 to news to
nearest hospital.

Latest: Police have non-stop a highway heading to Utøya for relatives. Frenetic turn of activity.less than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

19.55 Mark Hughes, a Telegraph’s Crime Correspondent writes
that tip cables from WikiLeaks
exhibit that Norway’s
comprehension use had formerly been criticised
for a failure
to keep lane of suspected apprehension cells and a republic was considered
restored about a awaiting of an attack.

19.48 Police have pronounced they have “arrested a assailant, and we
trust that he’s connected to both a bombings in Oslo and a shootings.”

19.47 An watcher has told Norwegian state broadcaster NRK that he
saw 20 to 25 bodies during a girl camp.

Andre Scheie said: “There are unequivocally many passed byt he shore… there are
about 20-25 dead.

19.45 Emilie Bersaas, 19, who was on Utoya, pronounced she had been stealing in
fear underneath her bed, with a mattress barricading a door, for some-more than two
hours as she conduct a gunman go on a rampage. Speaking to Sky News, she

The sharpened was function in all opposite directions.

I was stealing underneath my bed. It was terrifying. At one prove a sharpened was
unequivocally tighten and we could hear a bullets conflict a building.

The people in a subsequent room started screaming a lot. It disturbed me. There
are a lot of people we don’t know about.

The military have told us to stay in this (other) building for a moment. I
demeanour brazen to removing off a island.

19.42 The Telegraph’s Adrian Blomfield, routinely a Middle
East expert, nonetheless in London right now and helping us with a unfolding
events in Norway, has oral to Hadja Tajik, an MP with Norway’s
statute Labour party.

She told him that some of those on a island were as immature as 15. More than
600 girl activists attended this year’s annual summer stay she said. Miss
Tajik was on a island this morning along with Gro Harlem Brundtland, with
three-time former Labour primary minister. She was opening behind with Ms
Brundtland from Utoya when a Oslo explosve struck.

She reliable reports some youngsters jump into a fjord and attempted to float to
safety, while others hid behind bushes.

QuoteRight now there is a clarity of overpower and watchful as people wait for
information on who was behind (the dual attacks).

But there is also a clarity of community, a clarity of adhering together in
formidable times. We know that this day and what happened on it has changed
Norway, nonetheless we don’t nonetheless know in what way. But however it changes Norway, it
will not change a will to urge democracy and to urge a democratic

19.37 Police have expelled an executive statement, via
their website
, that they trust a dual attacks are linked.

QuoteAfter a explosions in Oslo, there are 7 people passed and dual severely

The military have each reason to trust that there is a tie between
a explosions and occurrence on Utoya. There is reason to trust that there
are explosives on Utoya.

All resources in a Osla area are being used.

19.35 Some of images opening by from Oslo are truly horrific.
Apologies to anyone unsettled by a following photograph:

A women walks to get assistance after she is harmed in a blast in Oslo

19.32 The Foreign Office has pronounced endangered kin should call 004723132700.

19.29 Jane Owen has pronounced there around 25-30,000 British expats in

19.28 The initial reported sketch from Utoya is emerging, nonetheless it
has not been reliable it is legitimate. Although it is a bit unclear, the
would advise bodies strewn on a beach and in a water.

First print from Utøya: http://t.co/CsSCU5Yless than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

19.26 Jens Stoltenberg, a Norwegian primary minister, has pronounced he has
called a predicament assembly of his supervision this dusk after a bombings,
that will be attended by “several ministers”. He will also be
assembly a leaders of a categorical domestic parties on Saturday. His
locale are still unknown.

19.23 Latest watcher reports, around Twitter,
on NRK explain that
20-30 passed youths could be seen floating by a shore.

LATEST: This eye-witness was helping military by evacuating youths in his boat. Apparently, he could count 20-30 people shot dead. Awful.less than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

19.23 US President Barack
has pronounced a events in Oslo are “a sign that the
whole general village has a interest in preventing this kind of terror
from occurring.”

QuoteThere has been a bombing in Oslo, Norway as good as a sharpened there. We
don’t have information yet, nonetheless we wanted to privately extend my condolences
to a people of Norway.

And it’s a sign that a whole general village has a interest in
preventing this kind of apprehension from occurring and that we have to work
cooperatively together both on comprehension and in terms of impediment of
these kinds of terrible attacks.

I remember fondly my revisit to Oslo and how tenderly a people of Norway
treated me, so a hearts go out to them and we will yield any support we
can to them as they examine these occurrences.

19.19 Milana Knezevic, 21, from Oslo, who is study in Britain, told The
she was in a building subsequent doorway to where a explosve exploded.

Miss Knezevic, who is study politics and general family during the
University of York, was operative as an novice during a Vart Land daily
journal on a tip building of a building when a blast occurred.

QuoteAll of a remarkable we listened this shrill explosion.

I looked around and we could see a building start to ‘fall apart’. There
was fume everywhere.

Then a whole building started jolt and a potion windows in our
building cracked and we were all lonesome in glass. It felt like it was an

You could smell a smoke, it was so strong.

It was terrifying. We all rushed out of a building nonetheless there was no
panic. We got out so fast when we got outward there was difficulty as to
what had happened.

Then a military came adult and told as to get out. So we started running.

19.17 Simen Braende Mortensen, a ensure on a vessel to Utoya
Island, has told VG
that he saw a male in a military uniform and bulletproof vest expostulate on to the
vessel in a china van. He showed his identification, told them that he was
sent to check security, that was slight during a belligerent attack. Once
a vessel was over to a island, it took a few minutes, they listened shooting.
The male apparently had a pistol and a purloin with telescopic sight.

QuoteHe had a Norwegian demeanour and spoke in a common eastern dialect. I’m not
that good during estimating a age of people, nonetheless assume that he was 30 or

19.11 Here are some pivotal contribution about Norway for those who wish to know:

– Norway is one of a world’s biggest oil and gas producers and its
race of 4.9 million advantage from a inexhaustible gratification system.

– Oslo is one of a world’s many costly cities and Greater Oslo has a
race of 1.4 million, creation it a fastest flourishing city in Europe
given of increasing immigration.

– NATO member Norway has formerly been a aim of threats, nonetheless not bombs,
utterly over a impasse in conflicts in Afghanistan and Libya.
Political assault is substantially different in a country.

– Norway has played a pivotal mediating purpose in a Middle East assent process,
broking a Oslo Accords. It also brokered a 2002 ceasefire between the
supervision and a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka and in 2005
it helped produce out a assent understanding between north and south Sudan.

19.08 Will McCants is
now backtracking on Twitter on his progressing claims that Helpers of Global
Jihad are behind a Oslo attack.

“Helpers of Global Jihad” now says a explain is not a executive explain and it had zero to do w/ operation. Says wait for executive claim.less than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

19.06 Jane Owen, a British Ambassador to Norway, tells a BBC
that a primary minister’s locale are not being released, nonetheless he is
safe. The embassy is perplexing to settle either there are any Brits in need
of assistance. She pronounced she felt a blast nonetheless her chateau is about dual or
3 miles from Oslo.

QuoteAs distant as we know there was no additional warning or arise in a threat
level, nonetheless Norway, like a UK, has to be constantly vigiliant against

19.00 London-based Exclusive Analysis risk consultancy pronounced the
male in a Utoya occurrence apparently infiltrated a celebration entertainment on the
fake that he had been sent by military as a confidence magnitude in a wake
of a Oslo explosion.

QuoteAs such, it is expected he was ethnically Norwegian. This could prove the
impasse of a far-right organisation rather than an Islamist group, nonetheless it is
also a box that a Labour Party would be a enlightened aim for
Islamist groups due to a purpose in authorising Norwegian military
deployments in Afghanistan.

18.56 Rune HÃ¥konsen,
Tweets that a shooter during Utoya attempted to captivate a youths to him before he
began shooting. Courtesy of Radio P1 vocalization to eyewitnesses. He also says
TV2 is stating that a arrested male called a military before a arrest.

TV2 reports that a arrested male called a military before a arrest. TV2.no now. #whys #osloexplless than a notation ago around TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Video18.52 Footage of a puncture services contemplating a damaged
supervision building and military observant they had found no justification of any
serve bombs in a area

18.51 Eric Carlson, a medical executive in assign during Oslo University
Hospital has told a BBC that his sanatorium has perceived 11 casualties. He
speculated that a “walking wounded” competence be in a segment of
about 100.

18.50 The EU and Nato have strongly cursed a bombing attack. Anders
Fogh Rasmussen
, Nato secretary-general, called it a “heinous act”,
while Jose Manuel Barroso, boss of a European Commission,
voiced his “utmost shock” over a blast.

18.47 Norwegian
military are now observant that they trust a blast in Oslo and the
sharpened Utoya are linked.

18.45 Twitter user @finansakrobat
has pronounced that a chairman arrested in Utoya was reportedly Blonde and

The chairman arrested was reportedly 6ft3in- abt 190cm tall. Blonde and ‘norwegian-looking’less than a notation ago around Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

18.41 A Foreign Office orator has reliable to The Telegraph that
there are no reports of any Britons killed, harmed or blank in Norway at
present. Jane Owen, Britain’s envoy is in Oslo liasing with local

18.40 Police are now observant they fear there competence be explosives during the
Labour Party Youth Camp. They have also pronounced they are now looking for any
links between a dual incidents (Oslo and Utoya).

18.37 Reuters has updated a genocide count in Oslo. Police are now
observant 7 people were killed, dual badly wounded. Witnesses have also said
several army soldiers have taken position around executive Oslo.

18.32 More from William Hague. The executive Foreign Office
matter from a Foreign Secretary:

QuoteI send my deepest condolences to all those who have mislaid kin or been
harmed in today’s horrific explosve blast in Oslo.

Our Embassy stands prepared to yield assistance to any British nationals who
competence have been hold adult in a attack.

We reject all acts of terrorism. The UK stands shoulder to shoulder with
Norway and all a general allies in a face of such atrocities. We
are committed to work tirelessly with them to fight a hazard from
terrorism in all a forms.

PICTURES18.30 The Telegraph has put together a picture
of a Oslo explosion. What comes opposite is a devastation
caused by a blast. Oslo looks like a spook town.

18.28 William Hague,
a Foreign Secretary has cursed a “horrific attacks” in

Horrific attacks in Oslo – we reject all acts of terrorism and will mount shoulder to shoulder with Norway in a face of such atrocities.less than a notation ago around Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

18.26 Ketil B Stensrud, a freelance publisher says that a worst
thing about a occurrence on Utoya is a gunman would usually get 21 years
judgment by Norwegian law.

Worst thing is that a Utøya gunman can usually get a limit 21 years judgment by Norwegian law.less than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

18.25 Norwegian radio is stating “several people” have
been killed in a Utoya attack.

18.24 Brian Paddick, a British politician and former Deputy Assistant
Commissioner to a Metropolitan police, as good as a unchanging caller to
Norway, has told a BBC that it is a hire fun in Oslo that a only
building with any arrange of anti-terror insurance is a US Embassy.

18.21 Police have reliable to NRK
that one chairman has been arrested on Utoya. Link is in Norwegian.

18.15 The gunman in a sharpened on Utoya Island has now reportedly
been arrested.

And here is a design of a island itself:

Utoya Island, stage of a shooting

Video18.12 Some some-more video from YouTube, around The Telegraph:

18.10 For a bit some-more on a summer stay during Utoya, read
. It runs from Jul 20 until 24, and is about 50 mins by train from

18.03 Will McCants now
says that Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami (Helpers of Global Jihad) seem to
make a explain of responsibility. They explain it is in response to the
function of Afghanistan and insults to a Prophet Mohammed. It has come
around Shmukh, an chosen jihadi forum

“We have warned given a Stockholm raid of some-more operations we have demanded that a countries of Europe repel from…” #osloless than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

18.00 For some geographical perspective, here is a map of Norway, Oslo
and Utoya Island

A Map of Norway to a left and afterwards one of Oslo, with Utoya Island
circled to a north-west

17.55 Aftonbladet is stating that teenagers on Utoya Island have
barricaded themselves inside while a gunman was firing. Lisa Irene
Johansen Aasbo, general officer of a county residence of Rogaland AUF

QuoteHe wore military uniform, with sharpened vest and shot. There was complete

We were in a good gymnasium when a sharpened began, and all cried out.

Lars Vidar Brende, executive of Ragland, AUF, pronounced in a content summary to the

QuoteBarricaded ourselves inside. Men in military uniforms shoot. Waiting for the

17.51 The US State Department has cursed a “despicable”
blast that tore by a supervision buildings in Oslo. Heide Bronke
Fulton, a state dialect orator said:

QuoteWe reject these inhuman acts of violence. Our hearts are with the
victims and their families, and we have reached out to a Norwegian
supervision to demonstrate a condolences.

For a story of belligerent attacks in Europe, trimming from a Madrid
Bombings in 2004 to Jul 7 in London, read

17.49 Ben Farmer, The Telegraph’s Afghanistan
match has created about Norway’s participation in Afghanistan. 10
Norwegian soldiers have died in a debate so – half of them in 2010.

Norway has 406 soldiers in Afghanistan, creation it a 17th biggest troop
contributing republic of a 48 bloc allies.

The country’s infantry are formed in a northern range of Faryab that is
on a Turkmenistan border.

Faryab is distant from a Taliban’s southern heartlands and was pacific for
a early years of a Nato campaign.

However confidence has run-down in new years, along with most of
northern Afghanistan, as a rebellion has widened.

Troops sent 7 years ago on what a Norwegian open was told would be
a charitable goal have instead found themselves traffic with greater
levels of mutinous violence.

17.45 More on reports that Mr Stoltenberg was due to seem during the
assembly on Utoya Island. The BBC has been told that Mr Stoltenberg was in
fact due to pronounce tomorrow. Former primary apportion Gro Harlem Brundtland was
a pivotal orator today.

17.42 Everyone has been asked to leave Oslo city centre and go home.

17.40 Rune Hakonsen, who works with a Norwegian Broadcasting Corp,
has claimed that there are mixed passed reliable inside government
buildings in a Oslo city centre.

Multiple passed reliable inside goverment buidlings in centre of Oslo, no numbers from military yet. #osloexpl #whysless than a notation ago around TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

17.39 AFP is stating that Jens Stoltenberg, a primary minister, had
during one prove been scheduled to attend a eventuality on Utoya Island (the rally
was for his Labour party), nonetheless he did not go for some reason.

17.36 Meanwhile behind in Oslo, military have now let a press within
reasonable steer of a scene. Harald Klungtveit, a contributor for Dagbladet

QuoteThe whole partial of a retard where a Prime Minister is situated is
smashed. The bullet explanation windows are not ruined, nonetheless tools of a fascade

The are still a lot of ambulance staff on a spot, and vast numbers of
firemen. There is during slightest one passed chairman inside a area.

Another Dagbladet journalist, Anne Marte Blindheim, reports:

It looks like a fight zone. It doesn’t demeanour as if one is in Norway. The top
retard and all a windows are ruined. The whole opening area is crushed.

There are wrecked tools unresolved out a windows. There is blood and case
papers all around and dejected cars. A automobile is laying on a side,
totally burnt out.

17.33 People are reportedly phoning from Utoya observant they are benig
shot at. Multiple ambulances being sent to a site. The purported shooter was
dressed as a military officer. He trafficked on a vessel to a island in the
uniform and when he arrived he started sharpened with a handgun, according to
reports. Unconfirmed reports of four dead.

17.31 Andrew Ward, a Financial Times’ match in Stockholm has
some-more in a conflict on Utoya. The eventuality was being attended by adult to 700
youths aged 14-25 attending a camp. Eyewitnesses are discussion “many,
many, many” gunshots.

6-700 youths aged 14-25 attending stay on island of Utøya. Eyewitness on circuitously seaside reports discussion “many, many, many” gunshots #Norwayless than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

Facebook17.30 A
Facebook organisation has been set up
for people to news that they are safe.

17.28 Sky News is stating that people are apparently swimming of
Utoya Island
to try and get to safety.

17.26 Gisli Olafsson, Tweets that there are now reports a offices of
Aftenposten being evacuated due to a explosve scare.

The offices of Aftenposten being evacuated due to a explosve startle #oslo #osloexplless than a notation ago around TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

17.22 Jens Stoltenberg, a primary minister, has given a telephone
talk to uncover that he was unscathed after a lethal blast circuitously his
bureau in Oslo

QuoteEven if one is good prepared, it is always rather thespian when something
like this happens

17.19 Police in Norway are also now traffic with a gunman sharpened at
people in a domestic girl stay on Utoya Island. Utoya Island is roughly 20
miles north-west of Oslo.

Police reports advise that a male sheltered as a military officer began opening

17.15 Some some-more watcher reports from Brits in Oslo. Craig Barnes has
attempted to review Oslo to a city or city in a UK and has pronounced it is similar
in distance to Blackpool

QuoteI knew true divided that it was a belligerent explosve so we usually got out as
fast as probable meditative there could be another explosve going off. I’m
still jolt now.

Oslo is a city nonetheless it’s a tiny city compared to a UK. You’re looking at
substantially a centre of Blackpool, that’s what Oslo is. Everybody would have
felt that explosve or listened it. That’s how absolute it was.

17.12 Reuters has posted
a accessible piece
about Islamist belligerent groups with a record of links to
plots in Europe. As good as al-Qaeda, there is also a Islamic Movement of
Uzbekistan. Intelligence sources progressing this month pronounced there was a plot
opposite European targets reportedly imagining with a organisation in northern
Pakistan. Other groups mentioned are Lashkar-e-Taiba, Al-Shabaab,
Tehrik-e-Taliban and AQIM.

17.07 In a press discussion on a spot, police pronounced that they
perceived messages that a vast automobile gathering adult opposite a building immediately
before a explosion.

QuoteWe are entrance this successfully. The explosve patrol are operative their way
by a bedrooms and a glow use follow to put out fires. The
acid is still on. We do not have sum on a volume of harmed or

We have perceived messages that a vast automobile has driven adult opposite the
building true before (the explosion). That automobile is not there now. A lot
of questioning remains.

17.06 Dr John Gearson, a reader in terrorism studies during King’s
College, London has pronounced that a explosve was expected an makeshift explosive
device regulating “commercially accessible products such as fertilizer”.

QuoteGenerally these inclination are put on flatbed pickups, tiny vans or even
trucks. It looks to me that a source of a blast was outward the
buildings and not within them so they haven’t been structurally brought

It substantially takes a bit some-more than a sole wolf capability to lift out
this arrange of attack.

17.02 The Daily Telegraph’s Andrew Hough has been
vocalization Oddbjorn By, a local, who says people consider al-Qaeda are behind
a attacks. The author pronounced he had worked from home in a perfect cadence of
good fortune, given of a bad weather.

He described how he felt a large blast usually a few miles away, that caused
his residence to vigourously shake.

QuoteI felt this hulk blast and a residence started to shake unequivocally badly.

I was about 5 km divided and it was unequivocally powerful.

There is disharmony now as all a roads into a city centre have been closed
by police.

People are unequivocally frightened.”

17.01 More from Will
. He is now observant forum members are deliberating a detain of
3 suspects following a automobile chase.

forum members now articulate about a automobile follow and a detain of 3 suspects. #osloblast #osloless than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

17.00 As reported earlier, Jens Stoltenberg, a Norwegian prime
apportion was unhurt. His orator has reliable that he was “working
from home today”.

16.57 More on a TV2 offices being evacuated – given a suspicious
bag was found.

16.53 Egil Vrekke, Assistant Chief Constable, Oslo Police confirms that
there are dual casualties. He would not endorse if a explosve was planted in a
vehicle. He combined that a rescue operation was ongoing and he did not know
if anyone else was trapped. They are still acid buildings and
evacuating people from a executive area during a moment.

16.50 NRK is now stating that military are acid for a explosve outside
TV2 offices in Oslo. There are also reports that Norwegian TV2 offices in
Oslo have been systematic to evacuated.

The reason is so distant different nonetheless a plcae is divided from a explosve site.

Norwegian TV2 offices in Oslo usually been systematic to evacuate. Reason different nonetheless plcae is a bit divided from a bomb-site.less than a notation ago around TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

16.45 Will
, who writes for Jihadica, a website that claims it is “documenting
a Global Jihad”, has claimed an “Amir Ghruzni” on a radical
forum says a Oslo blast was a warning to a primary apportion of Norway to
repel infantry from Khorasan. Khorasan is an ancestral segment covering parts
of Afghanistan among other countries.

Correct translation: “A warning 2 PM of Norway before u in final few moments so we will w/draw ur infantry from grave of Khorasan.”less than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

Video16.40 The Telegraph has put together a video of a issue of the
blast courtesty of Twitter users and YouTube. The scenes uncover lines of
ambulances, shop-worn glass, and complete bewilderment

16.36 Carl Bildt, a Swedish unfamiliar apportion who is a prolific
Tweeter, has
voiced his solidarity
with Norway.

He also pronounced he was in discerning hit with his Norwegian counterpart.

Terrorism has struck. Police confirms explosve in Oslo. We are all Norwegians.less than a notation ago around Twitter for iPad Favorite Retweet Reply

16.32 Mike Emery, a British expat vital in Norway who is executive of
an general NGO, has Tweeted
that NRK is news a automobile has been surrounded during a airport.

He has also Tweeted unconfirmed reports that a black mercedes was seen leaving
before to a explosion.

NRK stating that automobile surrounded during a airfield #osloexplosionless than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

16.30 An Oslo University press officer tells Reuters:

QuoteSo distant we can endorse that we have perceived 7 people during Oslo University
Hospital. we don’t know how severely bleeding they are.

16.26 Images of a badly shop-worn automobile have dropped. Although it has not
been reliable this was a automobile that contained a explosve in question, the
disadvantage would advise it was during a centre of a blast or unequivocally nearby.

Images from BBC of a Blast circuitously a Prime Ministers office

16.25 Hans Kristian Amundsen, a Norwegian supervision minister
confirms to a BBC that a primary apportion safe.

He says it is unfit adequate to assume what was a target. “We
have to concentration on a rescue operation”, he says. He has pronounced there are
still people trapped in buildings nonetheless did not give serve details. He pronounced “many
hundreds” of people could have been in a buildings.

16.24 A declare called Sylvio, who lives tighten to a centre of the
explosions told a BBC he arrived on a stage reduction than 3 minutes
after a intial blast.

QuoteI saw people being brought out of buldings comatose and people lying
unconsious on a building on the. They could have been passed or alive we just
don’t know.

16.22 The Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism consider tank based
in London, Tweets that
Norwegian newspapers reprinted cartoons of a Prophet Mohammed usually last
year. In
fact, they related to a possess essay from Jan 2010

Major Norwegian newspapers reprinted a Danish Mohammed cartoons usually final year. #Oslo #Norway #Oslobombing http://t.co/HP8hfUEless than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

16.19 Bevdin Azimov, told internal media that a city was gripped by “panic”
as authorities feared some-more explosions.

QuoteWhen we came to a place we saw a passed woman, and several were injured. I
had taken a transport and came right adult a street.

I did not know what to do, people ran from a place. Many were fearful a
explosve would raze again.

The military came unequivocally quicklyhey also feared another explosion.

I got unequivocally scared.

16.16 Marcus Oscarsson writes:

Norwegian military fears some-more bombs will go off. A initial military press
discussion will be hold 5.30 PM Norwegian time (4.30 UK Time) during a Police
Main Office in Oslo. At this prove a military has usually reliable that
“several are passed and several injured”.

“You can not travel here there are dual some-more bombs nonetheless we do not know where”,
military told reporters during a scene.

16.13 Photos uploaded on Twitter
are now display during slightest dual bodies. Again, be warned, a photos are

Photos from Oslo seem to uncover during slightest 2 bodies (GRAPHIC): http://tinyurl.com/3hmsz7q and http://tinyurl.com/3pwh6gm (thanks @F4F1)less than a notation ago around TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Will Heaven, Assistant Comment Editor and Deputy Editor of Telegraph Blogs,
has asked a doubt everybody is thinking: is
al-Qaeda behind this

A year ago, 3 organisation were arrested in Oslo on guess of preparing
belligerent attacks. At a time, Norway’s confidence use arch Janne
Kristiansen said: “We trust this organisation has had links to people abroad who
can be related to al Qaeda, and to people who are endangered in investigations
in other countries, among others a United States and Britain.” As the
BBC’s Security Correspondent Frank Gardner notes, “[al-Qaeda’s] AlZawahiri
threatened Norway in 2007.”

16.10 Norwegian military have reliable for a initial time that the
blast was a bomb.

16.08 Olaf Furniss, a contributor in Oslo, has told a BBC:

QuoteThere was a outrageous blast. All a windows have been blown out from one of
a categorical supervision buildings, it’s a arrange of large skyscraper.

And that’s where a primary minister’s bureau is, one of a categorical newspapers
is formed there, and a lot of other supervision buildings.

The whole area has been damaged, there’s windows blown out in about a 1km
radius, a lot of shock. And we can hear a lot of ambulance and police
activity as well.

16.05 US supervision sources on a stage have told ABC
in a US that a blast was a outcome of a large vehicle

16.02 Marcus Oscarsson is now stating that Norwegian State
Television says dual people are passed and a series are injured.

A disaster alarm has been sent to all doctors and nurses during Oslo’s main
hospital. Many people are harmed and a Norwegian polcie has now reliable

The categorical explosve was place between a PM’s Office and a Ministry of Oil and

All a categorical streets to oslo have been closed.

16.00 Aftenposten.no has reportedly been told by military that there are
still dual bombs nonetheless they do not know where they are.

Video15.59 A video has been posted on Twitter of a issue of the
explosion. You
can watch it here

15.51 Reports from NRK advise that a blast was caused by a car
parked outward a Norwegian Ministry of Justice. Locals have
discharged progressing suggestions that it was a gas explosion. They have said
there is no gas network in executive Oslo.

15.49 The
Demotix news website
has some utterly striking photographs. They are
here if we wish to look, nonetheless be warned, they are a bit graphic.

Here are some some-more photographs opening through:

15.47 The BBC has picked adult reports from Norwegian TV hire that
there has been during slightest one deadliness after a explosion.

15.45 Military military are apparently helping a bleeding according to VG

#oslo Military military helping bleeding according to http://t.co/4GjKKlC – live tide from a stage http://t.co/rgVAj42 – in norwegianless than a notation ago around web Favorite Retweet Reply

15.43 Ruarí Ødegaard, a 34-year-old ostracise Brit vital in Oslo,
whose mother is Norwegian, has told The Telegraph:

QuoteI’m still in my work bureau and people here seem flattering freaked out and
are toll around friends and kin like mad.

Also we can heart utterly a few military sirens even where we am.

The internal media seem unequivocally confused.

One notation NRK (national media like BBC) reported dual explosions and afterwards a
impulse after they retracted. So distant no reports of deaths usually injuries by
again no sum as to how many.

15.36 The Daily Telegraph’s Martin Evans notes:

It is holiday time in Norway so many people would have been divided on
holiday. Locals are observant a streets are most quieter than there would
have been during other times of a year.

15.30 Some watcher reports opening by now. Ole Tommy Pedersen,
who was hire during a train stop about 100 metres from a government
headquarters, pronounced he saw a blast break roughly all windows of the
20-floor highrise. He pronounced he saw a cloud of fume billowing from a bottom
floors. tells AP:

QuoteI saw 3 or 4 harmed people being carried out of a building a few
mins later.

15.27 Alex Leo, New
Product Manager during Reuters, has tweeted that Jarle Brenna, a VG Nett
contributor was in a Oslo building when a blast happened. Click
on a link
for some-more nonetheless it’s in Norwegian, so you’ll need a
interpret button

VG Nett contributor Jarle Brenna was in Oslo building when blast happened. Reports mass confusion,ppl lonesome in blood http://j.mp/qJt1n5less than a notation ago around TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

15.24 Marcus Oscarsson, a publisher who covers Scandanavia, has
suggested that a attacks competence have had something to do with a drawings of
a soothsayer Mohammed. No acknowledgment as of yet.

15.15 A bit more: apparently a offices of biggest Norwegian
publication newspaper, VG
, are also in a area – we consider that’s the
building in a print below. A publisher with a Norwegian open radio
hire NRK said:

QuoteI see that some windows of a VG building and a supervision headquarters
have been broken. Some people lonesome with blood are fibbing in a street.
There is potion everywhere. It is sum chaos. The windows of a all the
surrounding buildings have been blown out.

The BBC is now stating “at slightest eight” injuries.

15.11 One building, believed to be oil ministry, is on fire. The Prime
Minister’s bureau is also in a area, nonetheless a PM himself, Jens Stoltenberg,
is apparently safe.

15.08 Reuters reports ‘several’ injuries, while hundreds of windows
have been shattered. The BBC quoted reports that a “twisted wreckage”
of a automobile was seen circuitously a source of a blast, nonetheless that is unconfirmed.

15.00 Good afternoon. A outrageous blast has rocked supervision buildings
in downtown Oslo. We’ll be stating a latest events as they happen.

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