Oshiomole’s “along the road” administration

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Oshiomole’s “along the road” administration
By Martins Owa Osakue
Tuesday, September 06, 2011

To any first time visitor to Edo State , the EXECUTIVE Governor Adams Aliu Oshiomole is a performing Chief Executive Officer. For one, who comes in via the Benin Airport and going through to Delta or the near eastern or South-south states, the man is doing well.  In fact, very well.  What with the widening of the Airport Road and Sapele Road and the partitioning at the middle. 

In addition to these two major roads, there are the Akpakpava, Siluko and Oba Market Roads.  Of course, one must not fail to mention the water fountain at the kings Square.  In widening these roads, our caring governor has tried to add drains and sideways. These are the roads one must pass through when on a visit to the ancient city.

When we take a look at road network in Benin City, we can count nothing less than 5,000 roads.  Of these rods, more than 95 per cent are bad while we can classify 60 per cent as impassable.  During the much condemned lucky Igbinedion era, we remember the situation was bad.  But was it this bad?  Then we could see our own Ministry of Works, undertaking some remedial work on roads.  I remember that it was  the Ministry of Work’s “patching activities” that gave birth what became known as Lucky Stores.  We all accept that Lucky Igbinedion didn’t perform.

But where is our Ministry of Works today?  Apart from Oshiomole’s election thugs, who he has given uniforms and labeled road traffic officers, the state Ministry of Works is like a disused army barracks.  What you see in the compound are unserviceable graders, pale loaders, tippers, etc., that remind you that this is a state where Osaigbovo Ogbemudia and Ambrose Alli were once governors.  In fact the gist in Benin is that everything about works has been taken over by a cabal of Oshiomole’s kinsmen from Edo North.
It is not only in “road construction” or put in better term, “road expansion” that our governor concentrates on what would earn him praises from visitors to the state. 

The renovation of schools under the UBE Scheme is one area where we can also clap hands for our performing chief executive officer.  The Schools renovated are mainly the ones along the major roads.  The schools in the suburbs, rural areas, back streets are suffering because they are located where visitors, entering Edo State would not see them. Come to think of it, 60 per cent of the UBE fund is from the Federal Government.

In Health, information making the road is that there is only one capital project in the whole of Edo State for this year.  And that is the structure being put up at the Central Hospital Complex along Sapele road, Benin City .  Look at propaganda sense in operation.  Lucky Igbinedion constructed one of the largest maternity wards in this same complex.  But he put his own at the back where nobody saw it.  But here is a wise Governor. He put his things along the road.  Even  blind men will notice them.

Workers in the health sector are saying that they have never had it so bad.  As a fan of the executive governor, I don’t like listening to stories that do not paint him well.  But such stories are every where in the state capital these days.  Imagine some health people saying that in the last National HSDP Health Systems Development Project) meeting of the 36 states and Abuja , Edo state  came last in project development and implementation. Can this be true?  Even Igbinedion will laugh.  But as one who loves our Governor more than Edo State , I begged the people not to say it any further.  If people like Osunbor or our father General Ogbemudia hear, they may develop serious cold.

There is also this story that Oshiomole once boasted to a select audience that he would not do any project that people would not see.   In fact he likens it to lighting a candle stick and putting it under the table.  Going by what we are seeing so far, even those of us who love Oshiomole more than ourselves are beginning to wonder.

Now to my concept why do we refer to the Oshiomole Government as “Along the road” administration.  “Along the road” is a term I have coined to encapsulate the pedestrian, mainly vertical, pigmented, pigeonholed, informal, non proactive, profligate, uncaring, shortsighted, non transparent, unfriendly, unseeing, non listening, propagandist, deceiving, despotic, boastful, egocentric, hypocritical, nepotic, sectional, superficial and GODFATHERISTIC nature of the Oshiomole Government. It is a one way, one man government.
Edo people don’t like rumours.  But we keep hearing a lot about our Governor.  There is this one that says that the Governor doesn’t read memos – that there are memos that were sent to him in December, 2008.  They are yet to find their way back to their authors.  What about this one that says he is the only one that talks during state executive council meetings.  Pardon me.  You know all of us in Edo State love the Comrade. That is why we are joining hands to fight these rumour mongers who want to bring down our hardworking Governor.  But can an organisation exist without writing and treating memos?  Without the exchange and interplay of views during formal meetings–.

A government elected by the people, whether pronounced through judicial fiat or not can only earn and continue to command the respect of the people if it truly represents the aggregate of their interests and aspiration.  We can agree that Oshiomole was elected by Edo people.  But the end product is a one man government.  It is not the ACN that is in power in Edo State .  It is not the Igbinedions who brought him.  It is a government of Adams Aliu Oshiomole by Adams Aliu Oshiomol;e for the massaging of the Ego of Adams Aliu Oshiomole.  Thus he can decide to refer to himself as King Oshiomole, Comrade Oshiomole, president Oshiomole, Professor Oshiomole,  Whatever term suits our master, whether it is constitutionally recognized or not.
With the way things are going, we hope that one of his pipers will not wake up one day and say that as a result of divine massage from God in Heaven, our elected executive Governor should now be known, referred to and addressed as “Deaconess Apostle Professor A. A. Oshiomole;” God’s Anointed for 2012.

Martins Owa Osakue

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