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An HIV test in progress. D.C.’s embrace of widespread testing is modeled on African efforts.
(Brendan Smialowski – GETTY IMAGES)
A familiar, but still sobering statistic: “If the nation’s capital were a nation in Africa, it would rank 23rd out of 54 countries in percentage of people with HIV — a higher rate than the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Rwanda, Ethiopia and 28 other African countries.” So notes PBS’s NewsHour, which reports on the District’s efforts to combat HIV and AIDS using focused-outreach tactics pioneered in Africa.

In other news:

Ron Machen could get plopped into the Operation Fast and Furious mess (Washingtonian)

Liquor retailers would like to keep their Sundays off, thank you very much (DCist)

Occupy D.C. will thrown an official “goodbye ceremony” to McPherson Square (Post)

Why did lotto contractor ask Harry Thomas’s permission before scheduling a meeting with one of his former rivals? (Loose Lips)

Georgetown University East, at St. Elizabeths? (GGW)

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